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You will be able to have a thorough understanding of your market, anticipate changes and make key decisions thanks to the scientific, intelligent and business-focused diagnosis we will provide.

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A solution tailored to your project. We understand your needs, your business context and the information you already have. Based on this, we define with you the project you need: designed and developed specifically for you.

A winning mix: expertise in Market Intelligence and business vision. You will always get conclusive and actionable results thanks to our vocation for consulting, which enables us to conduct projects with the rigor of Market Intelligence specialists, but without losing the business vision needed to achieve it.

Real data. Collecting data is easy. What is not so easy is collecting reliable data that really represent your market. We guarantee real data, resulting in conclusions that reflect reality and that will provide you a solid support for your decisions.

Expert and intelligent exploitation of the data. We maximize the added value of our projects thanks to the scientific, innovative and intelligent exploitation of the data. It is in our DNA.

We involve you, because together we add value. We invite you to participate in the process because your experience is key to optimizing the value of the conclusions. And we want you to know the basics of everything so that you can trust the results. We do not believe in black boxes but in the certainty given by knowledge and transparency.

We accompany you beyond the project. Even after the project is closed, we will continue to give you support with any aspect related to it. Whenever you need us, you will be able to rely on us: we will never say no. We would like to support you as your business grows.

What will you get?

Depending on the objectives of the project, your preferences and the type of internal communication that best suits your business, we will decide the best way to give you the results, including the reports you need, dashboards to monitor the main indicators or simulators and algorithms that will enable you to put what you learn from the project into action.

You may well be surprised, not only by the coherence and consistency of the data obtained, but also by the reach of the insight you gain and the light it throws on your decisions.

We will maximize the return on your investment and you will never settle for less.

We have experience in most industries

BANKING AND FINANCIAL SERVICES: Commercial banking, private banking, business banking, corporate banking… CONSUMER GOODS: Food, beverages, household products and toiletries, perfumery, clothes, household textiles, electrical appliances…  RETAIL: Cash & Carry, supermarkets, hypermarkets, discounters, department stores, specialized chains… INSURANCES: Car, health, life, home…  MEDIA: Television, press… RAW MATERIALS AND ENERGY SOURCES: Concrete, steel, gas, electricity, petrol… REAL ESTATE: Residential, commercial… TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Telephone, internet, television, data transmission, information technologies and systems… SENIORS: Health, housing, leisure… LEISURE & TOURISM: Movie theaters, museums, hotel industry, tourist resorts, tourist operators… TRANSPORT: Air, train, highway, urgent transport, automobile industry… PEOPLE MANAGEMENT: Working climate, work-life balance, diversity…

We have conducted Market Intelligence projects in 50 countries

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In the era of Big data, the value of Match data Intelligence

We can help you to organize and analyze the data you have about your clients and to enhance that data with key information you don’t have but need. By exploiting both sources together (existing data and tailored data to enhance it) we will reach a thorough understanding of your clients and we will apply machine learning algorithms to build models to predict your clients’ behavior in strategic issues or identify the priority profiles for the development of your business.

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By innovation, we develop methodologies, simulators and algorithms that provide specific answers to your business needs

Here are a few examples of ideas, big and small, that we have developed for our clients.

NPS activators

We know that what can help you create promoters and what can help you avoid detractors is not the same. That is why we have developed methodologies which, by combining both types of information, will let you correctly prioritize the actions you need to take to improve your NPS throughout your customers’ journey.



The engineering of a brand repositioning

A good advertising campaign is key to repositioning a brand successfully, but however well designed it is, it will fail if the objective pursued is unachievable. To help you, we have developed methodologies to simulate the viability and attractiveness of different repositionings and to identify the best out of all them.



The importance of physical proximity in an increasingly digital world

In view of the unstoppable growth of digital sales and customer contact channels, we have developed methodologies to quantify, by inferrence, the true importance that proximity retains in your market, beyond what people might admit Based on these methodologies, you will be able to make better decisions about reducing (or increasing) your physical channels.



Estimating demand beyond declared intention

The declared interest for a product is not sufficiently reliable to quantify potential demand: a lot of people may say they will not buy a product but end up buying it anyway (although they might not know this) and some who might say they would buy it will not do so . Therefore, to get a reliable estimate of demand, we develop predictive algorithms that correct the limitations of direct answers.



The true potential of your clients

The information you have about your clients is very valuable, but it is limited because it does not include your clients’ custom with your competitors. Therefore, so that your decisions about your clients’ development are based on their complete value, we will create actionable predictive models that will make it possible to identify clients with the highest and the lowest development potential. You will thus be able to attract the true potential of your clients.



Intelligent simulators of competitive scenarios

In order to reduce risks when making key decisions, we develop demand simulators in different competitive scenarios which, based on intentions declared by the market, make it possible to introduce “reality” parameters into the simulations, which are necessary both to correct the limitations inherent to direct answers and to introduce the specificities of each market.




Some of the companies that have trusted PRM to conduct their Market Intelligence projects.

Do you need information about your market in order to make decisions which will have real impact on your business?

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How do we work?

These are the values that define our professional style and we are very proud of them:

RIGOR. Behind every piece of information there is a thorough analytical process that guarantees exact and precise results: an accurate reflection of reality.

ANALYTICAL VIEW. We deal with complex realities by identifying their essence. We see the wood despite the trees.

HONESTY. We present reality as it is, even if it is not what you would like to hear.

HUMBLENESS. We are experts in Market Intelligence, but we are aware that you are the expert when it comes to your company.

COMMITMENT. We feel your needs and problems as if they were ours.

COLLABORATION. The best solutions arise by sharing vision and experience. That is why we invite you to add your know-how to ours.

CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION. What has worked in the past may not be enough. Therefore, we always observe reality from new perspectives and we never stop creating new methodologies.

FLEXIBILITY. We know that your priorities can change. Our flexibility will make your life easy.