1. Legal Information

PRM INTERNACIONAL S.A. is a Spanish company with registered office at Gran Vía Carlos III, 86, 3ª planta, 08028 Barcelona . Its VAT number is A08698060 and it is registered in Barcelona Companies Registry in volume 21,845, sheet 61, page B-28471, entry 7.

These provisions govern the use of the web service that PRM INTERNACIONAL S.A. makes available to internet users.

User access to this website is subject to compliance with the following terms and conditions of use as well as each and every one of the legal provisions in force.

The information on the website is provided free of charge, unless otherwise stated, and is limited to informative or commercial aspects. It creates no professional relationship whatsoever between the user and PRM INTERNACIONAL S.A. The market intelligence consulting services that PRM INTERNACIONAL S.A. provides are never provided through the website.

PRM INTERNACIONAL S.A. accepts no liability for business decisions taken based on the information provided on the website, or for any damages suffered by the user or third parties arising from actions based solely on information obtained from the website.

Some web services accessible by internet users may be subject to specific terms and conditions and instructions which, when applicable, may replace and/or complete this Legal Notice, and which the user must abide by and accept before commencing access to the relevant service.

2. Terms and conditions for use of the website

The user of the site has an obligation to read the general and specific terms and conditions made available in this legal notice whenever browsing this website. This implies abiding by the current version of the terms and conditions as published on the website.

At any time, PRM INTERNACIONAL S.A. may alter or modify the website’s design, presentation, set-up, content and services, so users are recommended to read these terms and conditions carefully whenever they access the website.
The user undertakes to make proper use of the website in accordance with the legal provisions and contents of this legal notice.
The user will be held liable by PRM INTERNACIONAL S.A. and third parties for any damages that may be caused by such breaches.
It is expressly prohibited to use the website for purposes that are detrimental to the interests of PRM INTERNACIONAL S.A. or its professionals, customers or third parties or that in any way overload, damage or render PRM INTERNACIONAL S.A.’s or third parties’ hardware or software unusable.

It is also expressly prohibited to use the website or its content to perform any kind of conduct that implies hacking or which alters it, which renders it unusable, which is detrimental to it or which makes it impossible to access it.

3. Content

The user undertakes not to use the website’s content to perform activities that are against the law, morality or public policy.

A user who discloses information about the content on this website to third parties must always cite PRM INTERNACIONAL S.A. as the proprietor as well as the sources of the information it contains if the proprietor of the website is not the source.

If the website access service includes technical linking devices that allow the user to access other websites or internet portals, PRM INTERNACIONAL S.A. accepts no liability for damages caused by them being unlawful, out of date, unavailable or erroneous.

PRM INTERNACIONAL S.A. accepts no liability for interruptions or delays in the service that originate from incidents beyond the reasonable control of PRM INTERNACIONAL S.A., whether due to wilful misconduct or actions for which the user is at fault, or due to force majeure.

4. Intellectual and industrial property

All of the website’s content, such as, but not limited to, the text, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, graphic design or source code are the intellectual property of PRM INTERNACIONAL S.A. or third parties. No exploitation rights over them may be considered assigned to the user apart from those strictly necessary for correct operation of the website.

The service brands contained in this website are the property of PRM INTERNACIONAL S.A. and access to the website does not grant the user any right over the aforementioned brands.

It is expressly prohibited to use the industrial and intellectual property for commercial purposes or distribute, modify, alter or decompile it.

Infringement of any of these rights is a criminal offence.

5. Access to the content

Generally speaking, users may freely access the website at no cost.
However, PRM INTERNACIONAL S.A. reserves the right to limit access to certain areas of the website, which will require the user to pre-register by providing certain requested information, or charge for certain content as previously notified.

In other cases, the user may request additional information about PRM INTERNACIONAL S.A.’s products and services through the website and must previously identify him/herself to access that service.
The user must provide truthful information. PRM INTERNACIONAL S.A. is not liable for the provision of false or incorrect information.

Access to the website implies no obligation on PRM INTERNACIONAL S.A. to monitor the absence of viruses, worms or any other harmful computer software. In any case, the User must have adequate tools available to detect and disinfect harmful computer programs.



PRM wishes to offer the user a number of services and ways of interacting with us and in order to do so, it is necessary for you to give us permission to handle your personal data.

We wish to be completely transparent and allow you to use the services we offer freely. For this reason, we are guided by the principles laid out in the General Data Protection Ruling (UE) 2016/679, in which you will find all the more detailed information about the treatment of your data.

1. Who is responsible for handling your data?
Your data will be incorporated in a file, for which exclusive responsibility lies with PRM INTERNACIONAL S.A., with VAT code A-08698060 and residing at Gran Via Carlos III nº 86 Torre Este 3º, 08028 Barcelona. It is registered in the Barcelona Mercantile Register. Our telephone number is (+34) 934 05 27 99, and the email address for contact in relation to personal data protection is

2. Why do we want your data and what do we need it for?
In the first place, we must inform you that it is necessary to accept our handling of your data, in order to be able to use the specific service(s) that you will have requested through the corresponding channel. Otherwise, we will be unable to provide the services we offer.
We request your data in order to respond to the consultation you make through our web in the section marked “Contact Us”.

3. How long do we retain your data?
We keep your data for the time necessary to handle and adequately resolve the question you pose. Your data will be deleted 6 months after your question has been resolved satisfactorily.

4. How is our use of your data legitimized?
On voluntarily completing the form, whichever device is used to do so, and on accepting that we handle your personal data and giving us your consent to do so, you give us the legal right to know your personal data, incorporate them into our database and handle them to the aforementioned end and in accordance with what is laid out in this document.

5. To whom might we pass on your data?
The data you facilitate will be treated internally by PRM. No transmission of your data will be made to other countries. We will not cede your information to third parties, except under strict legal obligation.

6. What are your rights when you give us your personal data?
Anybody has the right to know whether PRM INTERNATIONAL is handling your data.
If you decide to use the service(s) offered by PRM by completing the corresponding form, you will have the right at any time to access your personal data, rectify them if they are erroneous or have undergone any changes and to request they are withdrawn if, among other reasons, they are no longer necessary to the end for which they were originally submitted. Your opposition to this automatically results in suspension of our services.

The exercise of portability and automation of decisions does not apply to the type of data and the handling thereof.

The exercise of the aforementioned rights can be carried out via two channels:
• By post, enclosing a copy of your National Identity Document or passport, to PRM INTERNACIONAL SA., at the aforementioned address.
• By e-mail, to, with the same documentation as for post.
We also inform you that you have a right to present a reclamation to the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos.

7. Veracity of your data.
As a user of the services indicated, you are responsible for the veracity of your data and you pledge not to enter false data and to modify them if necessary.



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